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Warning.. too many picturesCollapse )

Next Day is Home-Visit :")

♥ 15 Days in Japan ♥ [Day2] Orientation


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Next Day is Osaka Tour ♥

♥ 15 Days in Japan ♥ [Day1]

[BLOG] Kado with JMESC

Places: ZU, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Hostel
Day: July 1st - 5th
Event: JMESC Conference!
+ Hanging out with them =D 
Tweets: #KadoInJuly1st #KadoInBurjKhalifa

We had so much funCollapse )

Miss them alrdy! We should all meet again.. soon! :""")

[Blog] My Visit to Dubai Japanese School

Place: Dubai Japanese School
Day: June 25th, 2012
Event: No Event, we came to see their normal day, classes & activities =D
Thanks to sensei ♥
My Tweets about it #KadoInDJS

They showed us videos at the beginning, one of them was the swimming classes.. they rent a swimming pool nearby to teach them how to swim, they are all AWESOME AT IT! mashallah *.*

English Class, Grade 9
The teacher is VERY fluent *.*
They are good!
Same type of English classes in Japan... *O*
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I visited the school 5 times before, but it's the first time nau to give them a normal visit, not for an event.
Everything was like a Drama! Even the teacher's room! exactly the same! *.*
Not to mention the Blackboards, so Japanese ♥
& I didn't know that they start the year in April just like Japan, I thought it's the same as our system here in dubai, but turned out to be exactly like Japan.
Going to this Japanese School, is like going to Japan next door ♥

Place: The Shelter (I drove alone) :o
Day: June 23rd, 2012
Event: The Japanese Tea Ceremony
Sensei Invited us, it's the last big event for sensei in dubai ToT

My Tweets About It #KadoInJapaneseTeaCeremony
Few more pictures? + ExtraCollapse )

Meeting Japanese People was so much fun, I even flailed about Nino's dramas with one Japanese woman :")
Planning to invite them to our uni events and such =D
Had so much fun ♥


Place: Dubai Japanese School
Day: June 8th, 2012
Event: Music Festival 「音楽発表会」

The usual cuteness of the Japanese children :")
They're all so sweet!
They sang SMAP's Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana
& Performed Arashi's Happiness

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Had so much fun ♥
Not to mention I went to karaoke for the first time in my life, on June 6th!
This week was so epic, full, busy, awesome ♥

[Blog] Happy Jay Shukuran Day ♥

Channel: NHK WORLD
Day: June 4th, 2012
TV-Show: J-MELO (Music TV Show)
They interviewed us last May

Yup that's me holding that paper X"D

Pictures & ScreenshotsCollapse )

June 4th became Jay Shukuran Day ♥ The cutest Shukran I've ever heard in my life ♥
New Anniversary date, mark your calenders X"D
Next time we gonna request msg from arashi too X"D

[Blog] Japanese Speech Contest

Place: Japanese Ambassador's house
Day: May 24th, 2012
Event: The First Japanese Speech Contest in the UAE (Beginners + Intermediate level)
Me was in Intermediate Level です。

Certificate No.1

First Prize! so BIG 8O

Only 4 participated in the Intermediate Level that's why I had a higher chance X"D
Me & Tomoko were the first 2 ♥
I got 2 certificates (2 prizes),
One is for the first place (Judges vote)
& One is for the (Audience vote)
Kuuh me got a BIG Japanese dictionary *o*

After the event, the man-san who interviewed me 2 days ago for a scholarship to Japan & rejected me for some reason, this time he asked me to apply for an "Osaka Trip" language program for 2 weeks in Summer ♥
Hmm.. me apply only.. choosing me is a different story, the application form was filled in a hurry & it's hell not neat! & in Freeter, Seiji's father scolded him for applying to a job by writing a very un-neat form orz X"D
LOL I just imagine me going to Osaka after 3 months.. doesn't fit.. ok let's just not be negative & wait for our fate orz!